Founded in 1983 by Francisco de Solà Domingo, from the beginning Gabinet Solà had a strong desire to serve their customers, understanding the practice of their profession as a means of adapting the law to the needs and problems of our clients.

Since its creation by the lawyer Francesc de Solà Domingo, later continuing with the incorporation of Francesc de Solà Fàbregas, Gabinet Solà has thrown all its effort and passion into handling the legal affairs of companies and individuals.

The trust placed in us by our clients and their endorsement has brought us the recognition of the French Government, who in 1991 awarded Francesc de Solà Domingo the title of Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit.

Gabinet Solà is a multidisciplinary law firm operating domestically and internationally, where the high level of legal training of our team ensures that our clients receive comprehensive advice.

Over our more than 30 years’ experience, we have achieved the objective that we set ourselves when we founded the practice, which is none other than to be able to earn the trust and recognition of our clients.

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